Canal District Winter Farmers Market

I have been a huge Farmers Market shopper for a long time.  I’ve gone to my local markets to buy my produce, meat, eggs, and dairy, plus some local craft goods.

Check out some scenes below from the Canal District Farmers Market for their indoor winter market this season!

 Located in the beautiful Crompton Collective

138 Green Street in Worcester, MA

Happening every Saturday from 11am – 2 pm 

2013-11-09 10.33.55

Crompton Place in Worcester2013-11-16 11.23.47

Come on in!
2013-11-16 12.37.13

Sampling some hibiscus tea that was done by the Restaurant Day Pop Up Cafe while I was there!

2013-11-16 12.06.57Live Music is a plus!2013-11-16 11.40.55

As an adult, I’m more excited about stickers than kids!2013-11-16 11.30.16

Try out some hand made goats milk soap, super moisturizing!2013-11-09 11.13.36 I used some of these on top of a steak and some fish!  Packed full of energy and nutrients!  Try out some fresh wheat grass too!2013-11-09 11.10.38

I learned that you can make chicken pot pie or shepards pie in sugar pumpkins!  How delicious!  Plus I got some spicy peppers from here!2013-11-09 10.49.24

Free range meats, root vegetables and apples!  What more could a girl want!  Time to get cooking!2013-11-09 10.33.52While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the other stores and services!  Have a bite at a local restaurant, do some holiday shopping, or pick up a few nice clothes for yourself!

Shop local, support your farms.


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